Our Philosophy - Edge Body Boot Camp - Evansville, IN

Our Philosophy

At Edge Body Boot Camp, we encourage a lifestyle of healthy nutrition and movement to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.

OUR PROVEN FITNESS METHOD combines the best (Movement, Agility, Strength, & Stretching) into one amazing workout that will help you achieve MASS results in half the time of traditional programs. Because we embrace a healthy lifestyle philosophy, our training is done on a rolling monthly basis under the theory that camps become part of your weekly routine for life.

We intend to cultivate a family environment to our workouts where trainees feel welcomed and encouraged and where workouts are intense and challenging, while being fun and exciting. One component of this is that we accommodate and encourage a diverse group of trainees – of all fitness levels, genders, ages (as young as 14 with parental consent), and backgrounds.

You may be wondering how we can accommodate both a beginner and a professional athlete in the same training session. There are two characteristics of our boot camps that enable this accommodation:


  1. Most workouts are done in timed intervals, so you challenge yourself with your own individual pace
  2. Exercises can be modified (e.g. Push-Ups on Knees vs. Push-Ups on Toes vs. Declined Push-Ups)