Our Proven Method - Edge Body Boot Camp - Evansville, IN

Our Proven Method


With our unique blend of our customary fat shedding techniques combined into one astonishing workout, fat doesn’t stand a chance. Edge Body workouts will not only vaporize fat, you’ll feel better than you ever have in your life. It has been proven that when you are in better shape, it reduces stress, increases energy, elevates self confidence, and improves an overall since of well being.



You’re too busy to be spending 2 hours a day in the gym 5 days a week. We know this, and because we know this we have combined these 4 crucial training techniques (Movement, Agility, Strength, and Stretching) into one awesome MASS workout.  This allows us to get results in half the time of traditional programs.


An image of 3 guide books that educate on how to live plant based.NUTRITION

Nutrition is 70% of any fitness program. However, DIET, is a four letter word here at Edge Body Boot Camp. We do not believe in forcing or recommending strict diets that focus on eliminating carbs, fat, or severly limiting your caloric intake. Our training formula requires your body to burn between 500-1000 calories during our camps and by adding new lean muscle, enables your body to continually burn calories even while you are not working out. Therefore, we encourage well-balanced nutritional meals and snacks that will provide you with easy to understand nutritional advice.



Edge Body Boot Camp is not a military style fitness camp, there are no drill sergeants screaming or yelling in your ear. Our philosophy is to challenge your body for maximum results in a positive and supportive environment, so that make camps feel more like a fun get-together than a dreaded workout.