Boot Camp — Four crucial training techniques (resistance, cardio, core, and flexibility) combined into one awesome workout. Camps can accommodate all fitness levels due to:

  1. Most work is done in timed intervals, so each camper can go at their own pace
  2. Exercises can be modified for the camper’s fitness level and special needs (e.g. Push-Ups on Knees rather than on Toes, Speed Squats rather than Jump Squats)

The best way to understand what our boot camps are about is to come out and experience it. Sign up for FREE One Week Trial Offer!


Personal/Group Training (for an additional fee) — Similar to boot camp, but done in a more private setting in a one-on-one or small group format. Please ask for more information, if you are interested.


Nutritional Guidance — Seminars or one-on-one nutritional guidance as requested to disseminate information on the importance of eating well-balanced snacks and meals, develop plans of action, and much more. We provide a simple meal plan and grocery list to follow.

Eating and drinking healthy may not be easy,but adding a nutrition plan to your routine can be simple. At EBBC, DIET is a four-letter word – we do not believe in forcing or recommending strict diets that focus on eliminating carbs, fat, or severely limiting your caloric intake. Our training formula requires your body to burn between 500-1000 calories during our camps. Furthermore, by adding new lean muscle, your body will continue to naturally burn more calories while you are at rest. Therefore, we encourage well-balanced nutritional meals and snacks.

And since you can’t outwork a bad diet (nutrition is 70% or more of any fitness goal), it is an important piece of the fitness puzzle that you MUST consider in your overall fitness goals.


Grocery Store Tours — Periodically, we will offer free grocery store tours to help you develop healthy shopping habits and understand how to read labels.


Body Analysis — There are many ways to track your fitness progress. We prefer methods that track your heart rate, strength, speed, energy levels and how your clothes are fitting. We prefer not to put emphasis on “the numbers”, but we understand that many of our campers like to track their progress in terms of measurements. Therefore, at your request, we will track your body fat %, weight, and key body measurements.


Other Outings and Seminars — We strive to be your health and wellness family. This means that we’ll try to bring to you a wealth of knowledge through periodic seminars on health and fitness related topics and plan social outings (which may or may not be directly health related) to develop that family feel and inject more fun and awesomeness into our camper’s experience with Edge Body Boot Camp.

For example, we will plan to meet as an EBBC team for the 2014 Warrior Dash in Lexington. We’ll be planning cookouts, hikes, maybe some bowling or karaoke outings.


Newsletter — Your membership includes access to our bi-weekly e-newsletter on health and fitness.


Unlimited Motivation and Support — We are here for your 24/7, and we’ll be checking in on you periodically. If you want to schedule a one-on-one to discuss your goals and progress, we are here for you.

If it’s 2 in the morning and you’re craving ice cream, we are here to talk you down! If you are going out of town and need a couple of workouts, just ask us. If you don’t come in for boot camp for a few days without any advanced warning, we will call you. Your goals are our goals, and our success is measured by your success.