ebbc02Edge Body Boot Camp is about more than just delivering fun and extreme workouts. We believe in cultivating a family atmosphere where every member feels welcomed and encouraged. We believe, by providing a supportive and energetic environment, members will be able to challenge their bodies and minds to achieve the results they’ve always wanted through accountability and motivation.

Another one of Edge Body Boot Camp’s commitments is to the local neighborhoods in which we serve by giving back whenever we can. Our mission is to not only increase Health & Fitness Awareness but to play a positive role in the local community through implementing our “Get Fit/Give Back” and Community Services Programs.

While we are just an up and coming name in the health and fitness world, we have a goal of helping over 20,000 members with their fitness journey inside of 5 years. Within Kentucky, we currently have many Edge Body Boot Camp locations. By staying true to our commitment to our members and the local communities, we hope to achieve our vision of many more around the country by the year 2017.