Ethan Thomas - Edge Body Boot Camp Success StoryMy Story

My time at Edge Body Boot Camp has been filled with a little blood a lot of sweat and sometimes even tears. It is an incredibly fun and difficult workout that has pushed me to my limits and then continued to push them further than I ever thought possible. I had tried to work out and lose weight on my own with little to no success but the Edge Body trainers really pushed me to succeed and would not accept anything less. I have lost 55lbs in my 7 months with the Edge Body family and could not be happier with my results.

Thanks Edge Body,
Ethan Thomas



Alison Riely - Edge Body Boot Camp Success StoryMy Story

What is Edge Body Boot Camp you might ask? EBBC is not only the best workout I’ve ever done but it’s also a family/staff that is so dedicated in helping you improve your life. I joined the Edge Body family in July 2013 and my life has changed so much just in the last few months not only physical but mental. Edge has taught me how to enjoy food and see it as fuel for your body, it’s a lifestyle change:)
When my mother passed away in Oct 2013 Edge Body helped me deal with the stress and loss of her, my mother was very proud of me with the results I was getting. I not only have that motivation from her to continue my new life/body but to Edge Body for helping me every pound at a time!

Thanks EBBC :)!!!
Alison Riley



Whitney Cubbage - Edge Body Boot Camp Success StoryMy Story

Before joining Edge Body I knew it was time for a change. My weight was out of control and the number on the scale was going to continue to climb unless I did something about it. The first day I was more scared of people’s judgement than the workout. Lord, did I have those reversed. The workout was the hardest (but most rewarding thing) I’d ever done and the people were simply incredible. No one there looked at me with judgement and they all wanted me to succeed. The people of EBBC became my family and working out became second nature. Before joining Edge Body I knew it was time for a change, but didn’t think I was capable. EBBC believed in me and showed me there is nothing I cant do. EBBC changed my life and if I can do it, anyone can.

Thank you Edge Body!
Whitney Cubbage