Meet Our Team

Dustin Edge, EBBC — Founder

My Story

Hi, my name is Dustin Edge and I am pleased to introduce you to Edge Body Boot Camp, the top indoor fitness camp that will get you that lean fit body you have always dreamed of.

I have been in the fitness Industry for over 14 years and have helped thousands of people obtain their health and fitness goals. During this time, I have came to realize that while many truly want to look and feel better very few have the motivation, accountability, and most of all the support to help them succeed. This is why I created Edge Body Boot Camp. A place that is RESULT DRIVEN, while still being felt welcomed, non-judged, inspired, and supported while being challenged and motivated.

Edge Body Boot Camp is a professionally run fitness camp where we have the most qualified personal trainers in the our area. From your first visit, you will enjoy our friendly and inspirational atmosphere that will help you get out of your comfort zone and into the best shape of your life.


Greg Claycomb, EBBC — Louisville Owner

My Story

Hi, I’m Greg Claycomb! I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and the owner of Edge Body Boot Camp Louisville. With a well rounded background in sports, I likes to make my work outs as fun as possible, while still holding purpose and pushing toward the ultimate goal: RESULTS! I make sure to cover every facet of training, knowing that all of the pieces of the healthy lifestyle puzzle must be present to get the fit picture. Because I have experience working with thousands of diverse clients, I’m able to evaluate each individual and create a program THEY need to achieve THEIR goals. Seeing clients leave looking and feeling better is what brings me fulfillment. Lucky for me, I witness that every day at Edge Body Boot Camp of Louisville. Our staff is knowledgeable, motivated and passionate. 


Melissa “Missy” Henry, M.S., ACSM HFS, CSCS — Omaha, NE Owner

My Story

Hello, my name is Missy and I was born and raised in Omaha. I stayed close to home to play collegiate softball and received my Bachelors in Exercise Science and Masters in Physical Activity and Health Promotion from the University of Nebraska Omaha. I have been training people both individually and in group atmospheres for the past decade. My passion is helping people improve their quality of life through such areas as weight loss and maintenance, enhanced fitness/sport performance, and healthy eating habits.

Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha, NE has a proven method that will push you to get in the best shape of your life. In my years of competing and training I have learned that you always get out what you put in. But it helps to have some others motivate you along the way! Our inspirational group atmosphere will hold you accountable to reach the goals you always wanted.

We have experienced trainers ready to support you on your journey to better health! Come in and get started today!